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In these Terms and Conditions, ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘ Amsterdam Tech’ refers to Amsterdam Tech. Amsterdam Tech is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and is an overseas branch of Amsterdam Tech, an educational institution in Famagusta, Cyprus. Our business address in the Netherlands is Science Park 408 1098 XH Amsterdam.   


The terms and conditions apply to undergraduate and postgraduate study at Amsterdam Tech. 

1. Introduction


1.1 The Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between Amsterdam Tech and you, the student. The agreement starts when the student accepts the university’s offer of a place on one of the programmes by signing the university’s Community Guidelines and paying the registration fee. Your acceptance letter will set out the steps you have to take to accept the university’s offer of a place. 


1.2 If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions, you can contact the university’s Admissions Team at


2. Application and Registration


2.1 All applicants confirm that the information they have provided in their application is true and accurate. If it is discovered that your application contains incorrect information or has been plagiarized, we reserve the right to withdraw or change your offer, or if you have already registered, terminate your registration and this agreement. 


2.2 The offer you receive may be conditional or unconditional. The conditions of your offer will be clearly stated in your Acceptance Letter. For example, your enrolment may be offered on the condition of passing our English Language requirement, which are detailed in the Programme Brochures. If your offer is conditional and you are unable to meet the requirements before the start of your programme, we have the right to withdraw your offer or defer your enrolment to a future start date. 


2.3 Amsterdam Tech may ask you to provide proof of your qualifications, such as a copy of your prior degree certificate or transcript. It is understood that your enrolment is subject to the provision of this documentation. 


2.4 Once you have completed the registration process, your status will be updated to Enrollment and you are able to start your studies at Amsterdam Tech. 


2.5 The registration payment is non-refundable and is not deducted from the student’s tuition fees. 


3. Deferral and Cancellation


3.1 Students who have not yet started their studies have the option to defer their enrolment to the next start date of their programme by notifying their Admissions Consultant with reasonable notice. 


3.2 Students who have started their studies have the right to freeze their enrolment and continue with a future cohort if they are in good academic standing. They should contact their Programme Manager to explain their situation and request that their enrolment is frozen and will be resumed with a future cohort. 


3.3 If you are participating in an Amsterdam Tech short course, you have a legal right to cancel this agreement within 14 days from the date the agreement is formed, i.e. from your acceptance of the university’s offer. You can cancel the agreement by notifying the university’s admissions staff. 


3.4 If you are starting an Amsterdam Tech degree programme, either on the bachelor or master level, you have a 14 day grace period to either accept or decline your offer. 


3.4 If a student withdraws from the programme after enrolment, he/she may be entitled to a (partial) refund of their tuition fees or liable to pay outstanding tuition fees depending on the agreed payment method. 


3.5 The university reserves the right to freeze or cancel the enrolment of a student if he/she fails to meet the obligations set out in this agreement and Community Guidelines. 


4. Tuition Fees


4.1 The tuition fees applicable to your programme are set out on the programme website and in the programme brochure. The total tuition of an Amsterdam Tech bachelor’s programme is 8700 Euros (or 2900 annually); the total tuition of an Amsterdam Tech master’s programme is 9000 Euros (or 6000 Euros annually).


4.2 Students have the option to pay tuition in full at the start of their programme, in installments during their programme, or, in the case of postgraduate study, make use of the Flexible Tuition Scheme. Students who choose to pay their tuition in full at the start of their programme will pay a discounted tuition fee.


4.3 You are responsible for paying your tuition fees by their deadline(s). Failure to do so may result in freezing your enrolment status until the payment has been continued. 


4.4 The payment methods available to you will be communicated to you in your invoice. If a student requires an alternative payment method, he/she must contact the university’s Admissions Team in due time to make sure payment will be completed before the tuition deadline(s). 


4.5 If you have concerns about your ability to complete your financial obligations, you should contact the university staff as soon as possible by contacting your Programme Manager and/or Community Manager to explain your situation. 


4.6 The tuition covers all resources and services provided to the student during the programme, including: access to the learning platform and e-library; access to all learning content; access to all communication and digital accounts; workshops, mentoring, assessment and feedback by Amsterdam Tech faculty; administration and monitoring by Amsterdam Tech staff. 


4.7 Any additional charges will be made apparent to the student. Such charges may include: travel and accommodation to/in the Netherlands, visa application for such travel, or additional individual mentoring hours requested by the student. 

5. Visa Information


5.1 Since our university offers online education, we currently do not provide students with a student visa to live and study in the Netherlands.


5.2 Students, from outside of the EU, who are required to travel to the Netherlands for a short period of time for the completion of certain course requirements, such as the Master in Data Science students, will be able to request documentation from the university to support their visa application. The university does not cover the cost of visa applications. 


5.3 Students who undertake an internship or traineeship or acquire employment with one of Amsterdam Tech’s employment partners which does not provide visa sponsorship, will be able to benefit from Amsterdam Tech’s IND status by applying for a seconded visa for the purpose and duration of the internship/employment. 


6. Academic Criteria and Graduation


6.1 Students are expected to meet the academic requirements that are set out at the start of your programme in your Programme Handbook. Your progression on your programme and the awarding of your degree are not guaranteed and are subject to your academic performance during your studies. 


6.2 Each programme consists of sequential modules and courses. Students must receive a passing score in each course in order to progress to the following course in their programme. 


6.3 If it appears that a student fails to meet the requirements to successfully complete a course, he/she receives an official Academic Advice which details the steps the student must take to pass the course. Should the student still be unable to pass the course, he/she will be given a second Academic Advice, including, where applicable, the option to freeze their enrolment. 


6.4 Successful completion of the programme includes meeting expectations set out in the Community Guidelines signed prior to enrolment, such as active participation and presence as well as payment of the tuition fees of the programme. Should these conditions not be met, the university has the right to hold on to the degree issued at graduation until the student completes his/her obligations. 


6.7 Students are able to request extensions on assignments and projects by following the extension request procedure detailed in the Learner Handbook. 


6.8 If you have a complaint or believe the assessment of your work to be wrong or unsatisfactory, you can submit an appeal to the university’s board by following the Appeals procedure detailed in the Learner Handbook. 


7. Data Protection


7.1 We hold information about all applicants to and all students at the university and use this in accordance with the privacy statement which can be found on the university homepage:


8. Copyright


8.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material is copyright  © Amsterdam Tech. For an overview of our copyright and intellectual property terms, please visit the Terms and Conditions on the Amsterdam Tech homepage: 


8.2 All course content and other course materials are protected by copyright and other laws. You may use the course materials for your own educational and non-commercial use only. Students must not sublicense, share, or publish any course content with third parties or individuals unless they have gotten explicit permission from the University. 


8.3 Students are allowed to view, copy, print and/or download any course materials from the learning platform and other university domains subject to the agreement that:


  • You will not alter or modify the content in any form 

  • You will not copy or distribute course content and share it with third parties or other individuals

  • Your use of the course material is for your own personal use and non-commercial purposes only


Fill in your details and download your brochure for detailed curriculum.


Fill in your details and download your brochure for detailed curriculum.


Fill in your details and download your brochure for detailed curriculum.


Fill in your details and download your brochure for detailed curriculum.


Fill in your details and download your brochure for detailed curriculum.

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